The future of protective body armor is NOW.

Our mission

Bulletproof Inc. is a Miami-based manufacturer of advanced body armor and stab/slash protective gear. Founded in late 2022, our in-house research and development facility has developed a next-generation body armor and a widely applicable stab/slash protection system. We have undergone many rigorous product tests, including NIJ ballistic testing (0101.04 standard) and have certified all of our products.

Our vision is to rapidly improve the protection sector and make our products available for anyone who is in need of protective gear.

our mission 1

Our innovation

What do you get when you combine the toughest levels of advanced new composite materials, combined with advanced soft body armor protection components, mixed with 30 years of advanced manufacturing processes? Bulletproof Inc.’s new protective body armor ensure improved dexterity, maximum safety and protection security at various levels, combined with the lighest weight available on the market today.

Revolution of protective body armor.