AAM is a new generation of vest made with a quick release system making it convenient and easy to detach in cases of emergency. Vest is made in SAPI/ESAPI standard with NATO MOLLE webbing, vest includes cummerbund with space for adding side ballistic plates for additional protection. Shoulder and sides are easily adjustable so it can fit every body type, it can also be upgraded with MPS™.

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Designed For: Military, Police, Special Forces, Security Groups

Level Of Protection: IIA, II, IIIA, III

Materials Used: Honeywell Advanced Fibers, Cordura, MOLLE NATO Standard, Velcro, Military Grade Linen, Quick Release Buckles

NOTE: Product can be custom made according to requested specifications, so it can meet clients’ needs. This includes colors, shapes, levels of protection, materials and additional features. Weights may  vary based on options added.

Revolution of protective body armor.