Ambivalence about blogging aside, this is a public writing desk. Over time, a common theme that seems to have emerged is how external things reveal internal character. I’d say my hope at this point is that I can help light up our interior dark and offer some thoughts on the invisible parts of being human.

I also write for other places these days. Here’s a running list:

The Gospel Coalition
Christmas in a Minor Key (the piece that started everything else)
Snowpiercer and the Advent Longing of Dystopia
In Community Group with David Foster Wallace

In Touch
A Stone Among the Lilies
Worship in the Desert
Grace to be Honest
Not Too Close
Being There
The Uncluttered Soul
The Case for Wonder
The Renewable Earth
The Upside-Down Politics of God’s Kingdom
In Plenty, In Want
How Do I Know I’m Getting Better?
Waiting on the Sun

Christ and Pop Culture
Survivolatry: American Darwinism via The Walking Dead
Wisdom in the Summer Garden
Who Will Remember Wallander?
The Aroma of Home: In Praise of a Korean Table

Think Christian
The Redemptive Weight of a Hammer
Dave Rawlings and the Sound of Generosity
Imagining Faithfulness with The Lego Ninjago Movie
The Best TV of 2017
Mountain Biking and Joyous Momentum
Learning to Love (Well, Like) the Office Radio
Authority and Vulnerability in Blue Planet II

Robert F Capon in the Year 3000

‘The Breadwinner’ Brings Struggle in Afghanistan Close to Home

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