Ambivalence about blogging aside, this is a public writing desk. Over time, a common theme that seems to have emerged is how external things reveal internal character. I’d say my hope at this point is that I can help light up our interior dark and offer some thoughts on the invisible parts of being human.

I also write for other places these days. Here’s a running list:

The Gospel Coalition
Christmas in a Minor Key (the piece that started everything else)
Snowpiercer and the Advent Longing of Dystopia
In Community Group with David Foster Wallace

In Touch
A Stone Among the Lilies
Worship in the Desert
Grace to be Honest
Not Too Close
Being There
The Uncluttered Soul
The Case for Wonder
The Renewable Earth
The Upside-Down Politics of God’s Kingdom

Christ and Pop Culture
Survivolatry: American Darwinism via The Walking Dead
Wisdom in the Summer Garden
Who Will Remember Wallander?

Think Christian
The Redemptive Weight of a Hammer
Dave Rawlings and the Sound of Generosity
Imagining Faithfulness with The Lego Ninjago Movie
The Best TV of 2017
Mountain Biking and Joyous Momentum

Robert F Capon in the Year 3000

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